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InFellowship is an online profile manager that which provides members of the Church of Christ at Bouldercrest the capability to manage your personal profile, view the Church Directory containing only members who have opted in to share their information, Give securely online, access your giving history, and signup for fellowship opportunities, and many more services.

In order to manage your information in the Church Management System (CMS) through the InFellowship application, you must create a userid and password. It is important for you to use the same email address we have on file for you when you create your InFellowship userid. Please reference the procedures entitled “How to create an InFellowship Userid”.

If you are unable to immediately see your information after registering, this means your account needs to be linked to your information in the CMS which could take up to 24 hours. If you still cannot view your information after this time, please create a support ticket by clicking on the “Create Support Ticket” button.

Once your InFellowship userid has been created and you are able to log in and see your information, you will the ability to make the following changes regarding your profile:

·         Name
·         Profile picture
·         Household position
·         Marital status
·         Phone
·         Address
·         Introductory information
·         Privacy Settings
·         Social Networks
·         Website

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