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Our purpose is to lay a foundation of faith for our youth as they mature into adult Christians. We help grow these young people in the knowledge of God so they can have strong and productive lives that glorify Him.  We do this through creative instruction, purposeful action, and meaningful reflection.

SOAR 2020 - Registration is OPEN!


SOAR stands for "Seeking Our Awesome Redeemer" and is a weekend Youth Rally that the Central Church of Christ (Augusta, GA) puts on each year for 6th-12th graders around the southeast. This will be our 18th year to put on this event and we are very excited about everyone coming to be with us. SOAR will be the weekend of March 20-22, 2020. We hope that you will make plans to attend and be a part of SOAR 2020.


This year's SOAR theme is "Hindsight 2020". The idea behind this theme is that it isn’t until you look back, that you can see clearly what is right in front of you. This is true in a lot of ways but especially when it comes to the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is about one thing - Jesus. Some would say that the story of Jesus is only in the four Gospels but in order to fully understand who he is, we have to look back to the Old Testament in order to see clearly Jesus’ significance as savior and king of the world.

Within this theme, we will have classes and lessons that look at the entirety of the Bible and point everything back to Jesus; from the first chapter of Genesis when he was present at creation, to the first prophecy of him in the third. Hundreds of prophecies point to Jesus, dozens of stories point to Jesus, and so many characters were predecessors to Jesus. All of (Christianity) is about Jesus. So much of his story is found in the Old Testament and is mirrored through the nation of Israel. We want to dig through the OT story in order to more clearly see our savior - Jesus.

SOAR 2020 - Registration

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