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With open hearts and harmonious voices, the Care-o-ling Ministry of Bouldercrest Church of Christ extends a warm invitation to experience the embrace of faith and fellowship through song. Our ministry was born from a heartfelt desire to bring solace and joy during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many of our cherished congregants found themselves isolated within their homes, we saw a beacon of hope in the power of hymns to uplift spirits and reaffirm our connection with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and each other.


Our mission extends far beyond our church walls, touching the hearts of our congregation and community members alike. At Bouldercrest, whether you're a longstanding member or simply seeking a moment of divine harmony, our ministry welcomes you. With love, we visit an array of places—homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, shopping centers, and community gatherings among them—sharing songs of hope and moments of prayer. In every melody, we carry the enduring message of Christ’s love.

The Care-o-ling Ministry is a testament to our belief that music is a vessel for God's love—a love that we are eager to share with all who seek it. If you feel called to join us in this musical journey of faith, or if you wish to receive a visit filled with song and prayer, we warmly welcome you to sign up. By doing so, you will be enveloped in our community of joyous singers, as we continue to spread the comfort and love of Christ with every carol we share.

Together, let us lift our voices and hearts in praise and allow the love of Christ to resonate through the gift of music.

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