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Interested in Helping?
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There are many ways you can help the Restore Atlanta Ministry:

  • Volunteer to be on the committee.  Click here to complete a survey (survey link).

  • Join the Restore Atlanta Walk (monthly)

  • Join the Power in the Park (3rd Sunday of every other month)

  • Make a financial donation (link coming soon)

  • Donate supplies

  • Pray for the ministry and the people we serve.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make disciples of where we serve , and it's our vision to establish a full-service ministry in downtown Atlanta which serves the economically and spiritually poor, help them envision and realize a new life, and shows them the love of Jesus.

Upcoming Events

Prayer Walk (1st Saturday of the month)

​The Restore Atlanta Walk is a monthly event where we walk around downtown Atlanta to pray over the community, schools, students, the people who lead our wonderful city, and the people we meet on the street who do not have a place to call their own.  Many people we meet sleep on the streets, in front of public buildings, in community parks, or where ever they can. 

We provide them with supplies (see donation section) to help them through their day.

We meet in a parking lot located at 173 Peachtree St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30303. Parking is $12


Power in the Park (Every other month on the 3rd Sunday)

Power in the Park is a mini devotional held in a community park in downtown Atlanta.  We fellowship, provide outreach support, and supplies (see donation section) to people in the park without a stable home.  We talk with them to learn about their needs and pray with them. We encourage them to connect with non-profit organizations within the area for housing, medical, and financial assistance. 

Power in the Park is held at Woodruff Park located at 91 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30303

Donation List

Sleeping bags
New Blankets
Small face towels
Small hand sanitizer
Mini Packs of tissue
Packs of bottled water
Mini size Toothpaste
Mini/Small bottles of mouthwash
Bars of Soap
Hand Lotion (small) bottles
Individual Wet wipes/baby wipes


Mini/small - Deodorant (male/female)
Lip balm/chapstick
Feminine (pads/liners)
New Package: Socks(male/women)high quality thick
New Package: Men T Shirts Lg and Xlg
New package: Men Undershirt Lg and Xlg
New Package: Men’s boxers Lg and Xlg
New Package: Women’s underwear Sm, M,Xl
Gift cards - $5.00 

body wash

Single-serving snacks like trail mix, nuts, crackers
Breakfast/Protein bars/Cereal bars/granola
Welch fruit snacks
Pre Packaged cheese/crackers
Crackers pack
Cups of Noodles
Vienna Sausage  
Individual small bags of chips
Pop tarts
Plastic spoons
Marta cards


travel size shampoo and conditioner

We are requesting volunteers

We are requesting volunteers to help assemble backpacks for the events.  We will assemble the backpacks at church on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 9 am to 1030 am.


Feel free to leave us a note. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for submitting!

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