We are focused on demonstrating the power of God, and meeting the needs of people in and around our communities. If you are interested in joining one of our ministries, please complete the form below and a Bouldercrest member will connect with you.



The ministry is to host a gathering for sisters to come together on a monthly basis (first Saturday of the month) for spiritual fellowship by creating an environment which fosters harmony and embraces unity among the sisters. All programs are to include prayers for emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health for the welfare of the sisters, as well as visitors and guests.


  • Provide an opportunity for personal reflections with the Bible as the guide.

  • Encourage the ladies to work for Christ and to set good examples for their children to follow.

  • Involve all members of this ministry in planning and implementing of the program.

  • Schedule speakers / presenters for the occasion; ensure they are members of the Church of Christ.

  • Coordinate pot-luck menu by asking all attendees to bring a covered dish.

  • Make sure information for the session is advertised in the church bulletin at least two weeks prior to the event and include the name of the speaker, topic, and scriptural text.



The goal of the Education Ministry is to engage the membership in the study of God’s word using various teaching methods and providing a variety of classes for all levels and ages. Our education ministry provides Biblical solutions on various topics including marriage, finance, and more for the spiritual growth of the membership. For more information, contact our Education Director, Dr. Lemuel F. Jackson, at 770.639.7364, or join us at Bouldercrest to experience a class.



Our evangelism ministry is committed to demonstrating God’s love and spreading His word through various media tools, study groups and outreach programs. The Evangelism ministry teaches the gospel across metro Atlanta; renders services to the Bouldercrest community; and shows unconditional love to our fellow man. Our Feed the Hungry program is a part of this vital ministry. Through this program, a free community lunch is prepared for anyone in need of a meal on Tuesdays from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. On the third Saturday of each month, lunch is prepared and transported to one of the local shelters. Contact Elder Michael Wood for more information on this ministry, 404.538.1728.



Our growth groups are focused on bringing souls to Christ and helping to retain their faith through a collaborative process known as Discipleship Enhancement. Growth Groups embody the Discipleship Enhancement Process – a process to help bring souls to Christ and retain them through a series of classes developed for spiritual enrichment. This method is a new way to involve the Bouldercrest membership and to better prepare them to take the gospel to the masses, as God adds to the Church. Contact Eric Porter for more information at 404.245.9163 or go to the Growth Group tab on the web page.



The Involvement Ministry engages new and current members through connecting activities. The Ministry focuses on guest relations, new members, bible correspondence and member involvement. Contact Life Minister, Terry L. Frazier, 404.275.8158.



Our Marriage ministry is committed to educating, enhancing, uniting and sustaining marriages and families through the utilization of biblical principles. The goal of our marriage ministry is to strengthen and renew marriages and families via ongoing activities; assess and provide the needs of Christian marriages; and establish and implement a support system to deter marriage breakdown. For more information, contact Rufus Martin III, 678.522.8884.



The K.E.Y.S. (Keeping Everyone Young in Spirit) Club addresses the needs of senior adults through coordinated activities and connecting with younger adults. As seniors transition to their golden years, it’s important to show they are loved, valued and appreciated. Many activities are planned throughout the year for fellowship and to create memorable moments. Seniors are paired with volunteers (ages 21 to 54) known as the Bridgegappers’ Support Team, which provides support as well as a connection with younger adults. To get involved with this ministry, contact Lynn Vaughn, 404.545.6076.



Our purpose is simple - to learn the biblical principles of healthy living that focus on God’s original diet of fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and seeds; and the healing ministry of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are also committed to bringing awareness to the alternative ways to treat sickness and disease without the negative and harmful side effects of prescription medication. Education and prevention is the best medicine. Kenneth and June Sanders serve as coordinators of this ministry, 404.835.2596.





Our youth ministry is dedicated to bringing children and young adults to Christ and maintaining their faith through social and educational programs. From conferences to Bible Bowls, youth worship, special programs and other connecting activities, the Church of Christ at Bouldercrest’s Youth Ministry is committed to demonstrating the power of a Christian lifestyle. Contact Deacon Roderick Evans to get involved in this ministry, 404.317.5792.



The #BYAC brings young Christians who share common values, beliefs, and purpose together to build relationships and strengthen the impact of the Kingdom. We provide an avenue for our young adults to come together and share. We get real. We talk about the hard things. We challenge them.



Morning Service 9:00
Bible Study 10:15am

Early Bible Class 11:00 am
Bible Class 7:15 pm

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