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Mission statement: Together we will strive to create an atmosphere where women of all ages of the Bouldercrest CoC will experience spiritual growth, encouragement, and guidance as we navigate our Christian journey.


Vision statement: Through worship, study, ladies’ activities, and programs, we desire to encourage women of all ages to live purposeful lives that reflect the love and teachings of God.


Steering Committee Members

Adnie Gaudin, Angelia Thompson, Annie Leeks, Denise Allen, Dorothy Giles, Edith Bailey, Genevieve Broomfield, Gloria Christian, Jamila Ellis, Jondreia Marshall (Co-Coordinator), Josephine Younginer, Joyous Terrell, Kearstin Jacobs, Linda Cross, Michele Thomas, Penny Hackett (Treasurer), Rhonda Taylor, Rose Almonor (Secretary), Ruby Brown Thomas, Sarah Keyton, Tammy Anderson, Tangelia Terrell (Coordinator)

Advisory Committee Members - Floran S. Woods, Tyesha Hunter, Nicole Malone, Penny Hackett, Felicia Burnett, Sheri Wilson, Andrea Griggs, Sheila Harris, Tamara Marsh, Angela Foster, Archie Marshall, Francine Glenn, Sandra Guilford, Janice Gary, Johnnie Kemp


Mother’s Day - May 12, 2024

Summer Quarterly Fellowship - July 20, 2024 at 11am

Sister's End of The Year Fellowship - December 28, 2024

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