Young Adults: Monday at 7:00pm; Facilitator: Troy Quinn; Host: Megan Davis

Facilitator: Troy Quinn-(404) 273-6147

The young adult years are some of the most exciting and crucial years as you explore and set the direction of how you are going to live the rest of your life! Our passion is to help you know how to have Jesus Christ at the center of this process and to know how to live for Him. Our desire is to be an authentic community you can connect to so you will be empowered to love and worship God, transformed to grow in maturity, and equipped to serve. We look forward to growing with you!

New Beginnings: Wednesday at 7:00pm; Facilitator: George Burnett/Terry Frazier

Facilitator: George Burnett (404) 542-0179

If you’re new to the faith, relocating, or coming back to the body of Christ after some time away, the New Beginnings Growth Group is a great first step! The New Beginnings Growth Group is a 10-week conversational small group environment where you can explore faith and experience a close-knit community. It’s a place where no question is off limits and everyone’s opinion is valued. It’s a safe place to ask questions about faith and learn about the Bible and Christianity.

Men’s Only: Sunday at 10:15am; Facilitator: Paul Hubbard/Terry Frazier

Facilitators: Terry Frazier (404) 275-8158 Paul Hubbard (770) 374-4604

This Growth Group is a Men’s only growth group comprised of men of all ages. We study God’s Word and encourage one another to be men of God at home, at work, and throughout the community.

Young Families: Monday @ 6:30 pm; Facilitator: Ivory Jacobs; Host: Kearstin Jacobs

Facilitator: Ivory (404) 771-5765

Our Young Family Growth Group is a powerful place for couples to experience meaningful connections with one another. Our Young Family Growth Groups is guided by thoughtful discussions and others have a special curriculum pertaining to marriage and family issues. Most of these young couples have infants and preschool age children. Growth Groups are a great environment for getting to know others and encouraging one another during this very special chapter in life.

General Groups Online

General Growth Groups are not stage of life specific.

Northeast 2: Monday @ 7:00 pm;

Facilitator: Umanah, Steve Dorsey

Host: Sheri Umanah,  Mona Dorsey

Northwest: Tuesday @ 7:00 pm; Facilitator: Eddie Williams; Host: Marvella McNeil

Southwest: Tuesday @ 7:05 pm; Facilitator: Fredrick Bailey; Host: Edith Bailey

West: Monday @ 7:00 pm; Facilitator: Freddie Cannon; Host: Nancy Cannon