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Establish The Foundation

At Bouldercrest we have an audacious goal: We want to be a spark that ignites a disciple-making movement, around the world, so that we can make 3.5 million disciples by the year 2040.
Project 3.5 is an attempt to allow God to use us to make this goal a reality.

Purpose: To help establish the foundation of a disciple-making culture, which will assist us in
becoming a spark that ignites a moment that produces 3.5 million disciples by 2040.

Integrate The Strategy

Plan: To integrate a four pronged strategy of prayer, teaching, promotion, and foreign and domestic missions into the fabric of the church.

Trust The Process

Process: Four teams, made up of a cross-culture of our membership will lead efforts associated with the four-pronged strategy, which are designed to inform, equip, and encourage participation in our disciple-making vision.

Upcoming Calendar:
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