The Bouldercrest School of Disciple-Making is a learning community where disciples will be trained, over the course of one-year, to make disciples in the same style that Jesus made disciples. The school is open to members of Bouldercrest and non-members across the world.


The school will begin on Sunday, August 8 at 2pm and will generally meet every other week.The learning will be experiential and not simply a knowledge-based transfer of information. We tend to learn best by doing.


As Jesus cautioned those who said that they wanted to follow Him in Luke 14:28, you need to “count the cost.” This learning community will ask something of you. It will ask that you sacrifice some time and energy, and it may push you out of your comfort zone a bit, but it will all be for King Jesus!


There will be a special informational meeting on July 25, following our virtual assembly. 

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