Who Is Greater

June 15, 2017

Over the past week, there has been a lot of discussion of who is greater...LeBron or KD; LeBron or Jordan; Warriors or Lakers/Bulls/Celtics of old.


I know this is fodder for talking heads and sports fans, but it is a conversation that constantly calls into comparison those who have done noteworthy things. Such conversations will never disappear, because we are always seemingly searching for someone to call, "great."

What is our baseline of "greatness," however? Is it one who has a great record in sports or is it a political titan who has helped to shape and re-shape policy? Perhaps it is one who stood up and spoke out for the voiceless and oppressed?


While all of those things and those who did those things can certainly be called "great" by us, comparatively I think those to whom we give this crown are but ordinary when we look at them next to one who walked on water, called a dead man from a grave to walk again, healed the lame, gave sight to the blind, and whom--Himself--died, was buried, and rose again.


Truly, there has only been one "great" One that has walked the face of the earth. His name....Jesus.

Let's have fun with the discussion of "greatness" when it comes to sports, politics, and social activism, but let's keep all things in perspective.


BTW...the greatest basketball team in history? 1989 Detroit Pistons! #badboysforlife



For the Kingdom I Stand,

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