Grow Deeper

June 2, 2017

On Sunday, we will begin a new series exploring the concept of discipleship. As Christians, you’ve likely heard the word disciple and might even refer to yourself with such a label, but I have found that many members of the church don’t quite understand what a disciple actually is, let alone know how a disciple is supposed to live. It is often assumed that just because one obeys the gospel and is baptized, that they will then begin living as a disciple. Sadly, this is not always the case. This, in large part is due to the ambiguity surrounding this rich label.


Over the summer, we are going to unpack what a disciple is and how one should live. This is a crucial task because, in order to be well pleasing to God, we must be true disciples of Jesus Christ. We are called to be disciples who make disciples. We can’t fulfill this commission unless we understand what is being asked of us.


From June through August, I want to challenge you to become a better disciple. As you know, we are on a mission to grow in Jesus. The only way we grow is through challenge, so allow me to challenge you to be open to where the Holy Spirit wants to take you. Be open to stretching your spiritual muscles as you face some very real, but difficult commands of Jesus. You might hear some things you haven’t heard before or be forced to make some decisions you’ve been putting off. These challenges are nothing to be scared of, but they are the weights we need to lift in order to grow deeper in God’s word and become better disciples of Christ.




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