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Office Assistant 

1. Review Response Cards: Add member phone number. Scan cards. Email to eldership and
2. Copy Visitor Cards: E-mail to Camille Whitehead
3. Members Attendance: Record members cards on attendance bar-code report sheets, register
attendance using bar-code recorder
4. Add new Members (if any). Update members information if needed
5. Record Visitors cards and mail Bouldercrest Greeting card to visitors
6. Check Mail each day
7. File for Finance Department
8. Bulletin Preparation
9. Check with Sick and Bereaved
10. Respond with patience, professionalism and love to any and all situations presented on given
11. Coordinate office Department maillots
12. Assist with some mail out projects
13. Maintain Fellowship One System
14. Mail office documents to Post Office
15. Review Announcements
16. Make copy of Bulletin prior to distribution
17. Work with Minister as requested by Minister
18. Work with eldership on special projects
19. Work with Youth Minister on special projects
20. Order office supplies

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