Ministry Approach

Within the framework section below, we have provided some activity descriptions to coincide with each goal and objective.  These programs are subject to change but serve as an example of the vision of the ministry and how the activities fit within our mission and goals.

Biblical Instruction and Learning:

I. Bible Class Series Goals/Objectives

Explore Biblical concepts regarding marriage

Sample Activities

Movies, Workbooks, Seminars, Marriage Workshops


  • Dr. Eggrich: Marriage Workbook and Video Modules

  • Bible Couples Win, Lose, or Draw: Explore married couples within the bible and life challenges that they faced

  • Educational Programs: Love is a Decision; New Beginnings; 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families; Ideas behind Conflict Resolution in Marriage; The Love Dare


II. Advanced Workshops Goals/Objectives

Provide opportunities for practical applications of biblical concepts.

Sample Activities

Marriage Weekend Boot Camp/Seminars


  • Romantic Love Fantasy Project:  Brainstorming ideas couples can use to become creative and keep the marriage fire roaring


  • Knock, Stop & Keep the Devil Out!: Program to assist married couples in identifying hidden ways Satan enters and sabotages our marriages and how to stop him.


  • Your Body is My Body & We are Christ’s Body: Program focused on staying connected with our spouse mentally, physically, and emotionally and leveraging that oneness for Christ.

III. Advanced Workshops Goals/Objectives

Promote a healthy atmosphere in which couples can discuss challenges/issues within marriage.

Sample Activities

Real Marriage Talk Seminars: The plan is to use topics from the “Marriage box” which will be kept in the classroom on Sunday. Couples can submit topics to the box. We will randomly pull and discuss the topics at the potluck or the planned seminars/workshops.

IV. Empowerment Goals/Objectives

To increase the unity and bonding of married couples within the Bouldercrest family by providing regular communication of biblical based marriage advice via various outlets.

Sample Activities

1. Place marriage related spiritual messages in the bulletin (weekly/monthly).


2. Include marriage related spiritual messages on the congregational automated phone calls (monthly to bimonthly).


3. Provide marriage related advice and information via social media outlets including the church website and Facebook page (monthly posts).

Provide opportunities for couples to spend quality time together as well as among other couples.

Sample Activities

Co-ed as well as gender specific marriage related activities


  • Couples Scavenger Hunt: Team Building activity designed to build unity in marriage.


“Forever Wed” (instead of the “Newly Wed”) Game:  To test our knowledge and understanding of the requirements needs and wants of our spouse. 

Encouragement and Fellowship:

Importance of Encouragement Goals/Objectives

Practice actively encouraging one another daily

Sample Activities

​1. Focus on each other’s strengths: Identify, recognize, communicate, and value positive assets. Focus on and highlight each other’s positive qualities.

2. Show appreciation and gratitude for even the smallest of gestures. Possess a desire to return the effort.   

3. Promote an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance of your spouse.

4. Daily prayers with your spouse. 

5. Incorporate Bible study with your spouse.

6. Provide marital support and guidance to a more junior couple.

Fellowship Goals/Objectives

Provide opportunities for fellowship among married couples.

Sample Activities

  1. Adult “field day” with moderate/light physical events (three-legged race, balloon toss, etc.)

  2. Quarterly pot-luck dinners 

Marriage Support System:

Encouragement Goals/Objectives

  • To provide support and counseling options using Biblical principles for marriages experiencing conflict.

  • To provide support and help couples find healing and a renewed sense of love and commitment.

Sample Activities

  1. Professional Counseling or Coaching Services

  2. Couples will become part of the Marriage Ministry.

  3. Teachings on what God says about marriage

  4. Guidance from seasoned couples

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Bible Study 10:15am

Early Bible Class 11:00 am
Bible Class 7:15 pm

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