The New Year's Eve play -  "Time To Make A Change"

Performed on New Year's Eve 2019 at Bouldercrest Church of Christ in Atlanta, "Time To Make A Change" is a play that deals with the everyday issues of Christians as well as regular folk and illustrates how they are similar. See what remedies these Christians have and how things unfold in this hilarious and heart-felt play about real issues.  

The Black History play - "Bus Bench To Boardroom - A Journey To Success"

This play was inspired by the desire to encourage youth to want to learn about their history. It was also designed for the audience
to leave with an understanding that the struggle in obtaining goals and dreams begins in our mind. The play is designed to inspire all to Keep Dreaming and NEVER stop. Performed at Bouldercrest Church of Christ in Atlanta, GA on March 1, 2020. The roles were played by the church youth with the assistance of a few adults.

Morning Service 9:00
Bible Study 10:15am

Early Bible Class 11:00 am
Bible Class 7:15 pm

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