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Volunteer Opportunities: 

Actors: Volunteer to participate in the play in an acting role. No Experience Necessary. Experience is great, but even if you have NEVER acted before, and would like to LEARN, and be a part, please volunteer!!! We will be sure to match the right role for you!

Singers: Use your singing talent and join the Multi-Congregational Mass Choir.



Stage Managers:  Keep track and notate all blocking (movement around the stage) of the actors during in each scene during rehearsals; Making sure actors have what they need during each show and are in place behind the stage before and during each show

Rehearsal Script Supervisors: 
Assist the director in making sure actors are delivering lines of the script correctly and accurately during rehearsals in accordance with the script; Keep track of any changes/revisions to the script during rehearsals

Backstage: Crew Runners

  • Props: Make sure props are placed correctly for each scene during the play; maintain the props so they are safely protected for rehearsals and for shows; Assist with transitioning props between scenes

  • Sound (mics): Assist Technical team. Make sure actor mics are safely placed on actors for each scene, and transitioned between actors (if needed)

  • Makeup Technicians: Makeup consultation for actors; Provide make-up applications on actors as needed before and during the show. 

  • Special Stage Make-Up: Special skills needed for “special” make-up for Jesus

Costumes: Assist with sewing costumes; For the show - assist actors in putting on costumes
before each show; Assist actors with Any costume changes during the show

Administrative Operations
Admin Assistant to the Director: Assist director with administrative tasks and communication

Volunteer Management: Manager needed to oversee volunteers for production; administrative
tasks to be distributed to all volunteers


Content Creator:
Graphic Artists:

Reservation/Ticket Management: Manage ticket reservations; provide information and field various reservation/informational questions for patrons desiring to attend the show.

Front of House Manager: Supervise and oversee the following areas and ensure each department has what they need; administrative tasks and communication with each department as needed: a) Craft Services; b) Ushers; c) Parking Attendants; d) Event Day Hostesses (Ticketing) 

Craft Services: Provide food services during rehearsals (March 2024, as needed) and during the run of the show - for cast and crew.

Ushers: assist patrons with seating for show; assist with directions inside the venue

Parking Attendants: Assist with patrons when they arrive at the building with parking

Event Day Hostesses (Ticketing): Taking tickets as people come into the building;
verifying reservations and fielding reservation questions.

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